Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little Blessings....big impact.

I don't know why, but i just LOVE bluebirds. Maybe because you don't see them very often and when you do, they are soooo vividly BLUE!

...or maybe because they are in that little song, Zipitty-do-dah, from Uncle Remus, ..."Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder...." Of course, i love that song because there is whistling in it.

well, on my way into Nacogdoches this evening, i saw 2 cute lil' bluebirds right as i rolled into town. It was like a Disney movie welcome home...made me smile. >sigh<


Anonymous said...

Glad you're home, bella. Calciare culo!!!

12th Anchorman said...

Hey, Smack... Glad you're home!!! Please know that the entire Williams' gang is wishing nothing but the best for you, Brad, and the Tread-ster. And I do mean all of us... me, Crash, Alexis, Ian, Jarren, Natalie & Daphnie (the guinea pigs), Scobby & Shaggy (the frogs), and Fred & Daphnie (the goldfish). Yes, we double-dipped on "Daphnie"...I could not get Alexis to agree to name one of the fish Velma. So don't be surprised if we add yet another creature to the family soon to make up for that. I'm voting for something low-maintenance like the frogs. Anyway, stay strong and remember that we all love you!

12th Anchorman

Anonymous said...

Sarcoma is BLICK! Just got Brad's email, so I just logged on today. Glad you're home and super glad you went to MD Anderson. They rock. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Please post updates as soon as you know anything. I'm out of school June 2nd, so when you have to go back down to Houston, if you need some moral support, I'm there, dude. Love, Kirsten

Mary T. said...

Now all we need to do is call the mice to make you a ball gown and fluff your pillow at night! There are some cute and fat little squirrels over at Pecan Park I could probably talk into doing some chores chez Woodard.