Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Sarcoma.....please hold."

This was my first contact with the Sarcoma Center. Two weeks ago, when I called, the receptionist said "Sarcoma...Please hold." It struck me as funny and I wrote it in my I heard her say it all day. I still think its funny.

FINALLY! I have been through the long-awaited First Day at the famed M.D Anderson. I met my doctor, some nurses and a slew of other folks that will be going on this journey with me. They were able to answer a few of my questions...and told me some stuff that gave me more questions. Here's the gist of it;
* "It doesn't look life-threatening."
* They said that it is probably a slow-growing tumor, based on the size its remained over a year.
* They know where sarcomas "prefer" to mestasticize, the we did xrays there today.

We got some other speculations, but these were the best.......basically we don't know anything for sure until the docs look at my tests.

What tests? I hadn't had any yet!

So today we got started. I got some blood work, some x-rays. Tomorrow and Friday's menu feature CAT scans and MRI's.


Mary T. said...

That is the message you should say directly into your knee every night: "Sarcoma...please hold." You are such a total ass-kicker. Jack Bauer would be proud. I'm excited to be reading! Love, Roly

R Philip Reynolds said...

Cat Scans and MRI's are a breeze. Ask them to give you a copy on CD. If I can figure it out I'll post some of mine on my blog.

cornbox said...

I can leave comments! HAHAHAHAHAHA


whistlersmother said...

I love you MMMAAANNNN!!(Well, WOMAANN)You totally ROCK (and ROLL)

Anonymous said...

You're the purdiest ass-kicker I ever knowed. Git 'er done, girl!!!
.....Sandy's Mom

Keri said...

You are so FRICKIN FUNNY! I can't believe I am sitting here being comforted by YOU and YOUR good attitude and humor. My mom said the Doctors at MD Anderson are going to love you - due to your attitude. You are an ideal patient for them. Love the blog - thanks for keeping us posted.

Cyndi H said...

I really want you to wear the fuschia bejeweled jumpsuit on Friday. Did you take it to Houston?

Ms. Evelyn is thrilled it fits. I told her about your cavorting all over the house. It's performance ready! Just need a gig.

*If you get bored, have Cookie paged over the hospital intercom.

Cynda McDreamy my way

Magster said...

That page is way too "beige" for you! Any way we can change the colors? love you, magster

Zay said...

Don't drink too much coffee at M.D. Anderson. They might ask for you to leave or place you on the 3rd floor...psych.

Hrm...are you allowed to skate on those shiny hospital floors?

I looove that you have a blog. :)

xoxo, seoul

Chrissy said...

This blog is seriously a dream come true. You're an amazing person. Now kick that cancer's ass fast, so I can get back to kicking yours!

Kealy said...

i want to be you when i grow up.

wait. i am grown up.

Anonymous said...

Calciare culo, bella!!!

florida splash said...

Kristen, you are a very bright light in this world and dont ever let that go dim. There are not nearly enough people in this world trusting God enough. I agree with Magster that you and Mom will need to figure out a way (maybe with my help) to change this vanilla page to suit you. Keep you head up and focused on whats past all of this. THATS THE GOOD STUFF! thanks for being an inspiration to me right now too.


Harley JeepAh said...

Hmmm, Glitter, cocktails, free coffee, carefree fish - Hey IS this some kind of beach vacation or what?? This has "Whistlersmother" written all over it!!! Yep, she'll be all super tan and you will miraculously be OK. Well, if you really do have sarcoma, you really will kick it's butt. Go Smack!!! A lotta people here are praying for you and I know you'll be just fine. Everyone Loves you - including me.

Muchos Grassy Ass for just being you.

amy marsh said...

Snookums! I had no idea! Sounds like you are dealing with this reallyreally well.
Of course, if there is anything we can do........
(Like planning your "Fuck Yeah I'm Cancer Free" party)
...please let us know.
My love is with you!

Ginny Trudeau said...

Hi darin,
Maggie let me know about your latest adventure. I know the people helping you will love you and your attitude. I fell in love with you the first time I met you. I went through breast cancer with my sis in law and we took come really cool bald photos. We took a backwards one and called it, Looking, a head. Hi to Nancy!
XX Ginny

Marty said...


Did I ever tell you about the party my mom had before they removed her breasts? She had a de-boobing party. The made here a booby cake with tassels and everything. Before she went in for the surgery she put stickers all over her boobies so the doctors would have to smile before they cut. She also named her boobies and had her friend write on them with permanent magic marker.

Marty said...

Mom still sends her doctors cards from the "boobie lady."

so much love being air mailed to ya...........

smoooooch......(did ya feel it?)


Marty said...

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