Monday, June 04, 2007

Third Blog tonight maybe that was cheating a little....i really didn't even get around to writing about what i was going to write about in the last blog. Nevertheless, i am now on my THIRD blog of the night, thank you very much Chay Your Prayers! (that's a fella Roller Girl, for those of you who don't know*.)

* is there a clever Blog anacronism for this?

Anyhoo, lest I be more of a Blog-tease, let me go ahead and fill you in on the latest Haps: I am waking up super early to hit the road for another journey to MD Anderson tomorrow. I have an appointment to get an appointment. Yes, folks, you read it right: tomorrow i shall find out when i will have surgery and all the details surrounding it.

After this consultation, I will know what type of radiation treatment i will have (pre-surgery vs. post-surgery) and, based on that, when the surgery will be. I have been told already that it will be in August. I'll know more tomorrow.

See, that's not so exciting, so i hope this doesn't disappoint. Hey, I know! I'll just write a more exciting blog again....I had some great news yesterday regarding my art:

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Chrissy said...

you're funny.
also, august is perhaps the luckiest month in which to get anything done. it's my birthday, roly's birthday, and, i believe, chay's babe's bday to be. you'll be in grand company!