Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blame it on the Cancer

The picture below was taken at the FABulous Maker Faire i went to last weekend in Austin....i can't believe that this week is almost over and i haven't blogged about it yet, but its really hard to put into words!! (its upcoming...i took tons of touristy-type pictures so i'd be able to remember everything) In the meantime, it will be difficult to top this review.

anyhoo...i had this pic taken there, at the Austin Chronicle's booth, where people could make their own headline. I watched as a few folks came up with some clever and entertaining stuff, wondering what i'd have to say that would be worth the effort of waiting in line. My new favorite slogan came to mind, and the line was short, so here it is:

But here's the funny part:
I got a gander at the first picture and didn't think i looked "tough enough". I explained to the guy that i wanted to look triumphant and tough cuz i was fresh from a battle, so he let me take it over again.

i really liked the 2nd one UNTIL his co-worker, who had overheard my boasting, asked "Now, what's it supposed to say?" I looked at my sign as i told her, and noticed it said "Stupid CANER"!!!

Who's the stupid one?

Apologies to Amy cuz she heard this story tooooo many times over the weekend--(but hey, now you can see the pic ;)


Zay said...

i love the pic!

Chrissy said...

CANER! I think this might be my favorite Ruby story. Even more so then the time it took you nine hours or so to get from Houston to Nacogdoches. <3

KB said...

Ha! Well I never liked Caners very much either. ;)

Mary T. said...

Yes, Caner is a total butt--it's true. I also love this story and don't feel as bad for forgetting to plug in my computer... :)

Kristen Ruby "Lips" Woodard aka Smack Bauer #24 said...

ok, MRT; here's your chance to throw a pen at my face!