Thursday, October 18, 2007

Inspiration Galore

well, well, well. here we are again...i've waited so long to blog that i don't even know where to begin. i can always tell i've waited too long when i start hearing from family and friends; i've got 7 voicemils to return! (sorry guys/gals!) There are several times everyday that i think about writing, then i don't do it....let's see if i can remember how.

One of the reasons I haven't been on the computer this week is that i have decided to make myself cut back on 'puter time. I've recently realized that i'd really developed a habit of over-doing it with my net-surfing time. That was all fine and dandy for a laid-up gimp--I felt like i had a legit excuse. BUT, once i was up and mobile, i found that i still had to carve out time to get on my trusty ole' laptop or else i felt like i was missing out on something! I might fall behind on my blog reading, God Forbid!

Last week, after Super Fun Crafty Time that i didn't blog about (but you can read about it here and here) MRT gave me a ride home. We discussed getting organized, laptops in the bedroom, computer overload, among other things. It was so hard to resist logging on when i got home, but i made myself sit down and finish one of my projects. I enjoyed it so thoroughly that i made 2 more ( since then, many more).
It really hit home how much time i spend on the computer; time i could put towards some of the things i always say i don't have enough time for (duh!). I know its really "complicated"....sometimes it takes a little time for things to sink in for me...geez.

SO: that touches on a topic that i've been meditating on for some time now, and i've decided to blog about it. (...'cept not tonight) I've been really inspired by this blog, and ponder on doing something similar. I don't know if i'll use my Smackcancer blog or start another one (input please...), but i'll keep you posted. Here's the thing: I've got to get off my duff and start making some art. What the hell's my problem? I'll try to figure it out and keep you posted. i'll elaborate more when i get my thoughts more organized...

Here's the latest on this front, then i'm off to blog on another topic (i gotta make up for lost time, people!) Tomorrow, B & T and I are heading to Austin to go the the Makers Faire, a major crafty event!!

The last time i was in Austin was for Roller Derby Boot Camp in December of 2006. It feels good to be excited about something else besides Roller Derby for a change....its taken me a long time to come to that.

When it comes to the Crafty-Extravaganza, I suspect that i might be the only one really excited about it, but B is being a great sport because he knows that its something i'm really interested in. Fortunately, we are staying with some great friends, who will be fun for B & T and make up for their lack of interest in the Craft-a-Rama. (I am actually thinking they'll be pleasantly surprised....we'll see). I plan to find inspiration galore.

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Zay said...

Enjoy the craftin' fair!! We Crafty Renegades expect the full details back from you.