Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy,

(I tried to scan this one but its too faded to show up.)

Dear Tooth Fairy:
Here's my tooth. My mom said you were magic, so I would like it if you would make this wish. But first I want you to know that I've wished it all my life. Here it is: Can I be magic? I've wished it on stars, eyelashes, and my birthday candles. So will you make me magic? Wake me up if you have to, I just want to be magic. ANd may I have your phone number? This is something extra good for me. IF you can, can I have a dress like yours? And a wand?
Well, I love you,
Love Kristen

The funny thing is that i remember writing this. I must have been in 2nd grade, judging from my handwriting and my genuine belief in the tooth fairy. I was still living in Hendersonville, NC and recall my room in the house my parents built.

One night i wished upon a star. I wished i may, i wished i might, have this wish i wished that night....i wished that my teddy bear would come alive when i opened my eyes. I layed there wishing so hard, i actually believed that it would happen. My excitement soon turned to concern, the longer i fantasized about this wish: i wasn't sure that he would be a nice bear...and i started to wonder what would happen if he ran away. if i got up and was chasing him around the house, i could get in trouble because it was bedtime. I didn't ever open my eyes and eventually fell asleep.

When i woke up, the bear was gone. It had actually just fallen to the floor, but there were a few minutes where i truly believed my wish had come true. Surely, I was disappointed when i found it, but i don't remember that let-down. What I can vividly recall is the excitement i had in those few minutes...magical.


Chrissy said...

This is so cute. I wish I could hang out with little Ruby.

Zay said...

i wanted to be magical too so badly that i could almost taste it. i wanted to be like samantha on "bewitched."

Mary T said...

I was just about to leave Chrissy's same comment, but she beat me to the punch! Of course, adult Ruby is still pretty magical. You did get your wish!

This reminds me of the movie Teddy Bear's Picnic where the bears are all alive when no one is looking, but when humans come around they "go Teddy" and just look like stuffed animals again. Maybe your bear just had to go teddy when you found him.

Also, the wish I wished hardest for always on birthdays, dandelions, etc. was to go to Carebear Land and ride around in the cloud cars and bounce on the clouds and have stars as my friends. A little part of me still thinks that when I get to heaven, it will look a lot like Care-a-lot.