Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love Pee Wee Herman

Don't ask me why, but i always have, from the very first time i saw him on HBO, when i was in Middle School in Arkansas. It was an onstage production in the early 80's, not really designed for kids, even. Maybe it was seeing a grown-up being so darn silly...acting like a kid, but having the run of the place--HIS VERY OWN PLAYHOUSE! It might have been that awesome little suit, or his goofy laugh....something about PeeWee mesmerized me and i was an instant fan. I would hold my tape recorder up(pressing Play and Record) to our big Zenith Floor TV, so i could listen to it repeatedly and show my friends.

THEN...i discovered an ad for his fan club in the back of Rolling Stone magazine. Here is a picture i found of me wearing the shirt i ordered....this is my friend and i at Myrtle Beach, SC., early 80's. (like my braces?)

I wish i still had that shirt. It was an extra large, "as was the fashion those days", and looked really cool belted with some leggings and my purple and white checked Vans. If i really felt like being New Wave, i'd roll a bandana up really tight and wrap it around my forehead. Too bad i got green food coloring all over the back of the shirt that day i tried to dye my hair at my friend's house. We thought we were so punk!! (Hey--i was in 6th grade; i didn't know the difference between hair dye and food dye yet! We didn't have our parents permission--we had to use whatever we could get our hands on!!)

I still have the autographed photo i received as a club member. The signature is smeared, from when i did the official autograph authenticity check: licking your finger and rubbing over the ink to see if its not printed on the photograph.

Of course it's really his autograph! I'm his biggest fan, don't you know?


Chrissy said...

I am loving these stories from your youth! And this picture is awesome. I liked Pee Wee too, and used to dance and yell whenever someone said the word of the day. we should bring that back.

Zay said...

i love! love! love! that photo of you.

Hagatha said...

I can't believe you loved Pee-Wee too! I still love him. I have a bunch of DVD's of the old Pee-Wee's playhouse and now Owen likes to watch them too. I got your comments on my blog, thank you so much. Have fun at your Dad's!

Anonymous said...

Dat prob right around the time I met you I bet?? Maybe? Either way - we were ALL good lookin round that time! HA! And KQ had the dreaded BANDS on all her teefus . .maybe an orange streak or 2 in her hair!

I want those platforms that he used to wear ;)

Hope you is be all wells!