Thursday, July 24, 2008

things are weird

i've been trying to pack to go to Galveston all week. I also have to pack for 2 weeks in Florida...(which is going to be great fun! Tready will turn 4 while we are there and a bunch of family is coming...a trip to Disney is in the works.)
Its thursday, we're leaving tomorrow and I still havent packed.

My week started with a phone call from the wife of a friend of a friend. She had the undesirable task of passing along bad news of our mutual friend. His family was paying their last respects and they were going to take him off life support the next day.

We found out Sunday that he was in a coma, but at that time everyone seemed hopeful that it was temporary. He had emergency heart surgery and it had been a success. Unfortunately, he hadn't had any brain activity since Friday.

Alex was our age. The last time i talked to him was almost a year ago. He was always laughing and up for a good time.

Brad said; "He probably lived 3 lifetimes in his short life."

its funny how someone who you don't see on a regular basis can suddenly occupy your thoughts non-stop. we keep thinking of times we spent together, funny things he said....and thinking about how young he was.

Life is unpredictable, folks.

Don't miss out on opportunities to tell your loved ones how you feel.
Let me seize this one: (sappy alert:)
I am thankful for all of you friends who check up on me here...even if we don't get to chat as much as i'd's good to know that you are there. I LOVE YOU!


Chrissy said...

we most certainly will have to get together when everyone's summer traveling winds down. i miss you, and am glad for your updates no matter how random.

lots of love and have a safe trip!

Zay said...

hey ruby-licious! thanks for texting me back. :) i'm excited about y'all's florida trip.

hope to read some blog entries about your adventures.

Mary T said...

I love you, too! Have a great time and get back to Nac soon. We're long overdue for a cup of coffee. Btw, did you get your self-cleaner figgered out on that fancy coffee pot of yours? XOXO. And Happy Birthday Tready!

Hagatha said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My prayers will be with his family and friends. It's amazing how we touch each other's lives but forget to notice it until something like this happens.
On the up side I hope you have a fabulous vacation and I hope Tready's b-day was fun for him.

KB said...

I'm sorry.

Sydney said...

Kristen Ruby??? I can't believe I have just stumbled across your blog out of the blue! I've remembered you often over the years and hoped you were well, you sound like you haven't changed at all. I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch for a catch-up.

Loren Wilkerson said...

Well, I like calling you Kristen-Ruby-Lips-Smack Bauer #24. You got a problem wit dat? I have FOUND my long, lost Kristen! OMG! I think about you so often and so fondly. I remember VIVIDLY the day we met back in intermediate school (the new girl) and I talked to you and thought instantly --- she is a truly original --- in this sea of suburban nightmarish sameness. I miss you and would love to catch up (I'm now reading your blog voraciously) with you.

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