Friday, May 25, 2007

can't blame this on cancer

i just flooded our hallway!! i guess i've just learned something that "experienced parents" alredy know; don't start the bathwater going until you are ready to give 'em a bath. How was i to know that he'd fall down in the kitchen and get a boo-boo that would make me forget about the impending bathtime??????

crap! it took 4 mexican blankets to soak it all up;( these things are really handy btw, if you don't have them; i use them for picnic/outdoor blankies, dog beds, over-run bath-cleaner-uppers....they are so versitile i highly recommend them.

right now i am currently late getting ready for a Project Graduation gig doing henna (or slinging henna, as they say in the biz that i haphazzardly flirt with).....did i mention the time? from midnight to FOUR AM!! crazy.

.... and no, i am not doing this for free.


Zay said...

I guess I need to buy me some Mexican blankets.

Chrissy said...

ma-ma-ma-my sarcoma!!

did you win? we had to leave early.

Jenny said...

Catazon sent me. Glad she did. Anyone that floods her own house from distraction is my friend automatically.

James A. said...

Hey Ruby,
Glad to hear youve still got that
spunk I always love about you. Kirk gave me your contact info. I
own a boutique in Gun Barrel City
and live on the farm! I'd love to hear from you! I'll check your
bunion blog for your progress.
Love always, James A. P.S. check out the store's website and email when you get a chance...