Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catchin' up on some stuff:

Here's some stuff:

* On the Physical Therapy front: I've made it to a 90 degree bend!!! I can pretty much walk without a limp, although its not effortless. i'm stiff if i've been sitting for long, but i can sit without having to put my leg up on something to keep it straight.

* The upside to numbness: today i got bit on my foot by several bastardy* ants and i didn't even feel it. (* because they also bit my Lil'un and he definately felt it.)

* Monday I got to "help out" a friend who is making a documentary about Art Education. She needed someone to dress up in crazy costumes and act silly...for some reason she thought of me. We had the priviledge (thanks Cynda Ambulance) of using the Lamplite Community Theatre's costume collection and was a fun "favor" and perfect for a rainy day, such that it was.

* By cutting back on computer time, I managed to make some home-cooked meals this week!! Thanks to Pioneer Woman Cooks, I made a great Pasta Primavera and a Shrimp Pasta with a tomato-cream sauce (two separate nights, sillies!) Those who know me will be impressed, for i'm not too accomplished in the kitchen. Two triumphs under my belt, however, and i'm ready to tackle more. i loved cooking with this website--its idiot-proof!!

* After having B's mom here for the last 2 weeks, Lil' T and I have been trying to re-acquaint ourselves with reality. She was like having the Fairy Godmother living with you: "Your wish is my command!" She got us all caught up on laundry, stocked the fridge, and made several nice meals. All that and we still managed trips to the park, duckpond, pumpkin patch and even the carnival! I am glad to know she is going on vacation next week because she's earned it after all the work she did here! Thanks Gram-Gram!!

* Confession: I'm driving around without consent of my surgeon. Last Friday, my P.Therapist told me that i'd soon be at a 90 degree bend and that is considered "functional". I got excited at this notion and asked if that meant that i'd be driving soon. She said "oh, you could be driving now"...and that floored me because my surgeon said it'd be 8 weeks into P.T before i could drive.

I decided to keep this tid-bit of information to myself and started to feel like it was my birthday: I could drive!!! It was perfect timing because the next day, b's mom was leaving and i'd be back to bumming rides. I was sooooo excited until Therapist asked me "well, what did your surgeon tell you about driving?" Damnit all, i had to tell her. She told me that although it was her opinion that i was ready, i had to get my "doctor's consent" before she'd give me the official "go-ahead". She also told me that 8 weeks was a standard time frame because people are typically still on medication until then.

I am not on painkillers and i'm at a 90 degree bend.

I called my surgeon immediately. I left a message with the Physician's Assistant and haven't heard back from them yet. I have places to go...i started driving on monday.

* hmmm....what else? i've cleaned the house, worked in the yard, dealt with stinky plumbing problems, dealt with the cat overpopulation in the neighborhood (complete with dead cat in the road) decorated for Halloween, made cookies with Lil T.

* oh other random thing:
This was at the Nacogdoches County Fair last week...and i recognized these odd little dragons immediately. Do you remember?


Zay said...

hahaha...those dragons! good memory. :)

glad to hear that you are progressing so fast with your pt. and i'm excited for you that you've gotten your freedom back by being able to drive again...ahem...even though not per doc permission. ;)

SFA Hospitality Faculty said...

Yay for blogs!!! Yay for you driving!! Glad to hear you've had a great week..

Catazon said...

Awesome about the driving! I always love to hear your good news.